Pond Zinger

How It Works:

The Pond Zinger is designed to work in flowing conditions.  As water moves over and around the Zinger, it slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the water column causing excess inanimate nutrients, such as phosphorous, to bind together.  As they bind together, the particulate gets heavier and heavier and then settles to the bottom of the pond or is filtered out.

It is important to note that Pond Zingers do not remove all the inanimate nutrients, just enough to create a healthy ecosystem.  Our pond products typically see a 75-90% reduction of phosphorus. All APS products are safe for fish; no need to monitor pH.


The Pond Zinger is designed to treat small backyard ponds.  THe Pond Zinger treats 500-12,000 gallons of water.


APS Pond Zingers can be installed above an aerator, under a floating fountain, on the steps of a waterfall or with any circulation mechanism.  The water must be moving over and around the Pond Zinger for them to work.

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Pond Zinger

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